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WTB dvd - audio discs


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I share your love for DVD-Audio. What I do is download the hi-res files from hdtracks.com and burn them to DVD-Audio format using Cirlinca DVD-Audio Solo. Works great, great selection.

I just did this. I downloaded the free sampler and burned a DVD Audio using Cirlinca DVD-A Solo. It worked the first time!! I played the disc in my Denon DVD-2900 and it sounded fantastic. I just might be hooked on this now.

Do you know if I can just take those FLAC files, put them on a flash drive and plug them in to my Onkyo PR-SC5509? It is supposed to have a pretty sweet DAC, just don't know if it will play files off of a thumb drive. How about if I had an Oppo 105?

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