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  1. Just watched "London Has Fallen." Excellent movie.
  2. No I don't. Sorry. This has been sold.
  3. Mongo171

    What I Got Today!

    Nice! I have a pair of Chorus II's. Always loved the 3-ways.
  4. I am selling my Klipsch Academy speaker. I am the original owner and have the original box for shipping. Overall, the speaker is in good shape. No scratches or dings. There is some paint wear on the corners, mostly from movement from moving in the box. All of the corners are sharp. I do have dogs. The bottom has residue that I did to attempt to remove. It is from a non-skid material I used under it when I had it on top of my old tube TV. I don't want to ruin the finish. But, it is only on the bottom. New owner has the option of trying to remove it. I used some lighter fluid and took some off. If necessary, Home Depot sells Black Satin spray paint, which I used for my new center channel speaker. Looks like new. Speaker plays fine and all of the drivers work. Let me know if you have any questions. Asking $300/Free Shipping to the lower 48. Price reduced. $250/Free Shipping to the lower 48.
  5. I used to be the editor of the Clubs section for Off-Road.com so I know how difficult it is to keep a list current. When I was in Vegas, NV, in March of this last year, I went to Master Installers, 2325 Western Ave #4, Las Vegas, NV and the building was empty and for lease. No speakers to lease. I was bummed.
  6. I already called Klipsch, talked to a couple of people, then got the dreaded infinite ringing. Maybe Amy might know.
  7. Hi Carl, When I was in Vegas earlier this year, I went to a dealer listed on the Klipsch website. There was a For Lease sign on the building and it was empty. Just looking for the person who keeps that list up-to-date. Scott
  8. Who do I contact if an Authorized Dealer listed on the web page isn't there anymore?
  9. Mongo171


    Pretty much. And then when the BDP113/115 come out, the next set of upgrades will be making the rumor mill.
  10. Mongo171


    I used to work for a company that made consumer electronic parts. If I had waited for the next best thing to come out, I never would've gotten ANY product. Back in the 90's, our new products hit the streets every 18 months. It's called Moore's Law. Look it up. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moore%27s_law
  11. A few people caught that on Facebook. If you look closely, you can see a rainbow on the outside of that one.
  12. I think some of the early Reference models had different Model #'s in Canada.
  13. Klipsch did make versions to be sold in the exchanges for the military and for the Canadian market. Whether they are exact models of the stuff we get in the states, I think so. But don't quote me on it.
  14. FALSE AND FALSE! Not good info to give to some one stating they are a newb to all this. I think the correct info would me that a DESCENT AMP will run a 4 ohm load no problem. The PERFECT AMP will double the rms power at 8 and 4 ohms respectively. However to state the all DESCENT amps will double the power from 4-8 is basically calling every amp i own as well as 95% of others amps on here not descent amps. a good amp will have MORE power at 4 ohms than it does at 8. But keep in mind that it is hard for the amplifier to drive. I understand that. The amp he is looking at has a 4 ohm output setting. The info for it didn't mention what the power was at 4 ohms. For me, to name anyting perfect, is difficult. I like good, very good, decent or great. To me, ATI and Emotiva are decent amps. Might even be great. I don't know.
  15. Amazon.com has them for about $1100.00 a pair.
  16. Welcome to the Forums! No such thing as a long-winded question. But, expect long-winded replies. 1.Good choice. You will love the Heresy. Many here do. You can make the caqbinet smaller, but it WILL affect bass freq response. You will need to stuff the box with poly to make the box appear bigger and tune it as such. 2. Basically, the main difference between a 4 ohm speaker and an 8 ohm speaker is what the amp feels on the output. Pretty much everything Home Theater is rated at 8 ohms. Most amps can handle a 4 ohm load. A decent amp will output twice as much power into the 4 ohm speaker. However, you will only gain 3db. 3. The Jolida you are looking at does have the capability to run 4 ohm speakers.The Heresy has an efficiency rating of 97db. You will be able to easily drive the speaker. 4. The Heresy is short on bass. Might need a little sub to give you the lower octaves. I'm sure Heresy people will chime in with their solutions for the bass rolloff.
  17. From the ad: I have 2 pairs of klipsch heresy series 1.The speakers are in good shape,and both sets sound excellent.My price is $400 a set firm.I can be reached phone calls only,at 315 676-5892.Leave message and i will get back to you. http://syracuse.craigslist.org/ele/4041190223.html No Affiliation
  18. That is R34B. Looks a little toasty. dolbyscat, how are your soldering skills? Ever do Surface Mount? I would take a DVM and measure across that resistor. Or, you can use something like a dental pick and LIGHTLY pick at the center of R34B to see if it falls apart. I have no idea what value it is.
  19. Not so worried about loosing bass as loosing clarity. An Academy would of course be a first choice, this is definitely a something I will do only if I can get it for a good price. Thanks for the opinions! Academy's make great centers. I have had mine for quite a few years. Some people do like the KLF-C6 better. YMMV.
  20. You're going to lose bass extension with the 2.2V. Maybe a little on the sound stage. Still, it's not a bad speaker. I would go for it and move the 3.2 to the rear.
  21. I've always enjoyed watching the woofers...um...woof? You know, the In-N-Out thing. (How did this turn into burgers?)
  22. I don't have that fancy Audessey thingy everyone uses as a crutch! [*-)] I got me an SPL meter from RS and use test tones from my OPPO to set the trims, distance and size of the speaker. []
  23. I would get an OPPO BDP-103.
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