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FS: Luxman R-117 Receiver--The One To Have--SOLD


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I have for sale a "minty" highly sought after Luxman R-117 receiver in excellent condition. After the monster receivers of the 70's had their run, this baby came along in the late 80's and was quickly embraced and became the receiver to get. Tons of headroom with a true(if not conservative) 160w/channel. The bass drive capabilities this thing possesses is pretty much unmatched by any receivers of it's era or any era for that matter and could be considered "seperates like". I have used many different amps with my Heresys and none, not even my punchy Acurus A200, can match the speed and accuracy the Luxman can with those 12 inch woofers.

Did I mention the midrange? Vintage Marantz and that velvety warmness but with spot on detail.

I thought long and hard about selling this piece and even agonized about it but the decision is made.

The price of $475.00 shipped includes of course the R-117, the RR-117 remote, packing to survive a bomb blast, and I eat the PayPal fee.




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I wish I had the coin to spare Bill.

Thanks for the thought.

It looks like my Marantz deal is going south leaving me without tunes.

That's a shame. Do you have enough $$$ for this.


I was considering it myself.

Good luck with your sale.


Good luck with your sale.



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The NAD amp would be a nice piece for sure. I'd need to buy a tuner though as I listen to FM a lot.

I have an Onkyo T-401 just lying around if you wanted it.

I'll probably just snag a refurb TX-8050 from A4L. I was happy with the last one.

You can't beat the performance and versatility of that TX-8050 for the price.

I just talked to tech support at Accessories4less to make sure the Onkyo UWF-1 is compatible with my Integra DTM-40.4, which as you know is prcatically the same as your TX-8050.

Onkyo - UWF-1 Wireless USB Network Adapter NEW!


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