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FS: [SALE PENDING] Sonic Impact Super T-amp

Daddy Dee

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This amp, purchased new by me has very few hours on it. To my ears, the sound is very good. The unit is a little brick of a guy with an elegantly smooth volume pot and machined volume knob. The case is heavy and inert. It's spent most of it's life wrapped in bubble wrap sitting in a closet. no cruelty intended. just have too much stuff.

12v power adapter included.

$125 shipped.

info: http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/sonicimpact2/t2.html

pm if interested

pics below


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I had the cheap smaller horizontal T-amp some years back. I had a CD player that had a volume control connected directly to the amp which was powering my old Forte IIs. It didn't blow the windows out volume-wise but it sounded wonderful and could get plenty loud for 95% of the population.

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