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Initial Review of Yaqin VK 2100 amp-New Toy


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The amp is a beautiful piece of craftmanship and the build quality is very good. The amp is a hybird integrated modle that is 85watts per channel. The chasis is much thinner than my other amps but this may be a good thing as far as heat is concerned. The amp get's warm but, you can keep your hand on it without getting uncomfortable. It has a classy look with the tubes being displayed.

For now I am running it with my RF 7's and boy do they sound good. The RF 7 can be ran as Large since this system bypasses everything else and I can appreciate their full sound with no subs or EQ. I see what people mean by a more open sound. The bass is just right and the loudness control is not need. The amp has an airy, detailed sound with a very controled bass output. So far, a good first step into tube equipment. The Chinese may be on to finding a nice niche maket for there tube amps. Thanks to Bill, the Nile swithcer let's me go back and forth between the Yaqin VK 2100 and the Pioneer Elite SC 35. The switcher is the size of a medium size hand and is not electrical.

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Considering the SC-35 has some nice IcePower amps in it, you should try using it for 2 channel (no subs, direct -large speaker setting). Compare that to your new toy. You might be surprised at the SC-35's amps if you don't use all the gadgets in the HT processor and do direct 2 channel without the sub. RF-7's cut off too high is wasting much of the reason to have a set of RF7s. Forgot to say, very nice toy!!!

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Considering the SC-35 has some nice IcePower amps in it, you should try using it for 2 channel (no subs,

Comparing the RF 7's on the Pioneer Elite and the Yaqin was nice this afternoon. There is a qualitative difference between the two amp. The sound from the Pioneer is just super clean with a black floor. Power wise the Yaqin is no slouch,it seems to be able to have the RF 7's singing at a decent spl without a sweat. Level matched, the Yaqin appears louder. I like the sound of both amps. I can't wait to get my subs dialed into the system for comparison of the SMALL setting with the Yamaha amp in class A, hopefully tomorrow or Sat when Behringer I Nuke 3000 DSP sub amp comes.. Thanks Peter Z.[:D]

The manual said only play the amp 3 hours at a time during the breakin peroid. I wonder why? The tubes should last 4500-5000 hrsl. I guess I will be learning about setting the bias and rolling tubes, lol. I have not had an opportunity to hear a lot of tube equipment so my opioion is somwhat limited but, I sure like this Yaqin amp.

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Comparison of Yaqin VK
2100 hybrid amp and Pioneer Elite SC 35 (direct mode) solid state

The two design share some of the same
attributes. They hybrid amp uses tubes in the front stage and
transistor in the back stage of amplification. The purpose of the
hybrid design is to provide the warmth of tube amplification and the
power and bass definition of a solid state amplifier. The execution
of the hybrid concept determines if the best of both worlds can be
achieved. I have been using the Pioneer SC 35 for one and a half years now which is my reference sound and puts the VK 2100 at a slight disadvantage, lol.

Pioneer SC 35:
Yaqin VK 2100

SQ: Excellent 4.5 / 5
SQ: 4.5 / 5

Noise floor: Black 5 / 5
Noise floor: 4.3 / 5

Detail: Good 4 / 5
Detail: 4 / 5

Mid range/Bass: Excellent 4.5 / 5
Mid range/Bass: Excellent 4.3 / 5

Liveliness: 4.5 / 5 Liveliness: 5 / 5

Aesthetics: 4 / 5 Aesthetics: 5 / 5

Total 26.5 / 30 Total 27.1 / 30

Although both amps have excellent SQ,
there are slight differences. For lack of a better description the
VK 2100 sound smoother by a small margin. The VK 2100 appears to have a wider sound stage. The SC 35 sound is
crisp,concise and well balanced. Interestingly with some jazz, I
prefer the sound of the drums, piano and guitars on the VK 2100. Both of
the amps are dead quiet between songs and have no apparent background
noise. That is my definition of a black floor.

The SC 35 has a slightly tighter bass
response than the VK 2100. With some music I preferred one over the
other. The VK 2100 seemed to have a more engaging bass with a lot of
the music. Liveliness goes to the VK 2100. Vocals are crisp, clear
and occasionally to bright at higher volumes.

I listen to a wide range of music thanks to the forum and 2 channel guys and
think for jazz, classical and music with a female vocals, the VK 2100
is my first choice. For Rap, R&B, and Rock I favored the SC 35.
Both amplifiers power the RF 7's without a hint of stress. It was
interesting to see the full range of musicality of the RF 7's which
is an outstanding speaker. The RF 7's are ideal for this application
due to their sensitivity and ability to reproduce good bass that some
small speakers would not be able to do without a subwoofer. The VK
2100 seems slightly louder than the SC 35. The speakers were level
matched with a spl meter. The RF 7's were set to Large in the SC 35
and direct mode to make the comparison as close as possible.

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Inside the amp: clean and simple

Edit note 7/3/2013: The more I listen to the Yaqin amp, I feel it is to close to call as far as SQ. Now that the 18 in. subs are dialed in with the PEQ, the RF 7s set to small have the most warmth and tight bass. Pure clean sound goes to the SC 35/Yamaha M80 direct mode with the pitch black floor, where as fast, and tight bass and most engaging sound goes to the Yaqin VK 2100. I would hate to give up anyone of these systems for music. I was able to hit 100 db. on the meter with the Yaqin at 9 O'clock on the RF 7's.

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