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LaScalas Opinions


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Thanks Mike. I know you have personal experience with Chorus 2's which is what I use. I am such a headbanger though our music tastes proabably differ somewhat.

I listen to a lot of music, and have quite a bit of rock from the 60's and 70's, although I don't listen to it as much as I used to. Having said that, the La Scala's are an outstanding rock speaker, and can go much louder than the Chorus with a lot less effort. The ALK Universal is the network to have if you like it loud. Trust me on this. :-)


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BTW, if anyone is wondering whether La Scala IIs are worth the extra cost over original La Scalas, I'll tell you that the improvements in sound and appearance are worth every penny. The La Scala IIs sound much better, especially off-axis. Right now, I'm in the computer room, three rooms away from the speakers and down a hallway, and the vocals are way clearer than with the originals. I can make out every word when listening to a talk radio show from the computer room. That was not the case with the original Scalas.

Looks are a matter of taste, of course, but to most people's eyes, the LS2s look better than original LSes, especially old ones with the utility finishes. Later first-generation La Scalas do look better than the older (say, 1970s) models, so the biggest difference in looks is when you go from a 60s-70s model to an LS2.

Thanks Islander. I am thinking the LS2's might actually be more up my alley. But then to purchase new one might consider Jubes.Hmm

Yes, at the price of a new pair of LS2s, as well as the cost of Jubilee tweeters and horns if you want to go JubScala II, the actual Jubilees would be a much better deal, as well as sounding better. The JubScalas are basically junior Jubilees and only make sense when they're quite a bit less expensive than Jubilees. Converting new La Scala IIs to JubScala IIs would cost more than Jubilees, and would not quite match them in sound quality.

So when are you ordering your Jubilees? [;)][:P][H][Y]

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How important are consecutive serial numbers?

What are your opinions of 1989's?

What are your opinions on stock AL xovers?

What are your opinions of black LaScalas?

Probably 8 out of 10 in appearance an idea on value?

Thanks in advance for your opinions.

This issue about sequential serial number is a bit of an imponderable for lack of information.

Cabinets with drivers installed have sequential numbers. Good for veneer matching.

We seem to be assuming that sequential serial number units from Klipsch have drivers closely matched in performance because they came off the ElectroVoice, Atlas, and Eminence production line in the same respective batches. But do know that? There is no DOD tracing of batches that I've heard of.

It may well be that Klipsch as a QC process which maintains performance of components. If so, that would mean that we don't have to worry about sequential serial numbers.


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