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FS: MINT First Watt F3...$1400 ***SOLD***


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Purchased this beauty a little over a year ago. Reason for sale is that it's never used. Bought 2 of them. Use one on the 402s of my jubilees (and will NEVER part with it), and bought the other as I always intended to order a second pair of jubilees. With the new house situation, it's clear that just won't happen for a very long while, so this is just sitting in its box. Used approximately 60 hours just to ensure continuous working order, then it went back in the box. Just took it out and plugged it in again today, working flawlessly. No scratches anywhere on unit. Paid $2000 new, asking $1400 now. For those unfamiliar with this amp, it is a Nelson Pass creation lauded as "THE amp for low-power tube aficionados, who don't want tubes" by 6moons. Absolutely wonderful sound.

Full 6moons review here

I've run this on my 402s against a Levinson no433 and Mcintosh MC275. I prefer this. I'm sure Cask05 can attest to the F3 performance as well?

Shipping from Charlotte, NC. Have all original shipping boxes and owners manual



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would be sweet with my Cornwalls.....

Would definitely make them sing. Also, forgot to include in original description that this amp is relatively light in comparison to others (~30 lbs), so that definitely cuts down on shipping options.

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