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Wanted: Inexpensive universal disc/cd player


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What is the maximum dimensions for the unit. I have to be in Eugene next week and the week after. If I had a way to contact you while at the shop I could let you know what I find. And if it is what you want, pick it up while there. Or I could see what they have, let you know when I get home, Call them the next day and ask them to hold it for me.

Just trying to help


The only dimension that is critical is the depth. It cannot have a depth of more than 13-1/2" (including any protruding knobs/switches and rear connections).

I am really hoping to find something ASAP, but if I don't by next week, I'll let you know.

Your efforts to help are GREATLY appreciated!! B)

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I have a Harmon kardon DVD 47? Not sure if it would be of use

That one definitely peeks my interest since it plays both SACD and DVD-Audio discs!

Are you the original owner, and if so have you ever had any issues with it? Do you have the remote? And your asking price?



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Rick I have a Pioneer BDP 430 sitting around and Samsung BD both in excellent condition. They do not play SACD but just about everything else. The both have Pandora and Netflix for stream. The Samsung has a ton ot apps Both shipped for $100. I may be able to do a little better since I have not checked shipping. Sony make some BPD that play SACD but they may be to high price wise. Good luck with the search.

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