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Manley 300B Neo-Classic Amps with La Scala II?


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Has anyone here paired Manley 300B Neo-Classic amps with La Scala speakers? I'm wondering how well these would match up, especially for orchestral music and large scale opera, but also for jazz. The Manley delivers about 12 watts in parallel single ended mode or 24 watts in push-pull mode. Given the high sensitivity of the La Scala II, this would seem to be a very good combo for orchestral music and should have plenty of dynamic headroom.

I'd be interested in hearing others experience with La Scala and SET amps, especially 300B and 2a3 SE amps.

My room doesn't have a configuration suitable to use Klipschorns, so La Scala would be my only option for fully horn loaded Klipsch speaker.


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I have a pair of Welborne Labs 2A3 Moondogs, and am quite satisfied with what comes out of my La Scalas. Would love to try some PP 2A3 amps, but the sound is still really nice. I've never felt I needed more volume.



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Thanks for all the feedback. I agree and think the Manley 300B Neo-Classic amps should be great with LSII speakers. The high sensitivity of the LSII along with benign impedance should work great with Neo-Classic amps in PSE mode. 12 watts should be plenty of power and the amps move a lot of current. They already sound great with far less efficient speakers, but I think they would be spectacular with full horn speakers.

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