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Wish me luck


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Well I am off to hear a pair of LaScala speakers tonight. All being well by later on this evening they will be mine.


Of course relative to the prices in the US this is probably horrendous at about $2200 but here in Greece it is a steal - especially as I will sell my Heresy's for around $1500.

If everyone could cross their fingers / pray to their gods / make a small sacrifice on their altars W.H.Y.

Not that this is important to me or anything.

Of course how I am going to explain this to my wife is another matter...


My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm

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I've always liked the grill cloth covering the upper horns on LaScalas. They will probably sound bright in that room with the ceramic tile floor, but they will sound bloody marvelous. Good luck with the purchase and the explanation to your wife. She already knows you have Klipsch disease so I'm sure she'll show some mercy.

Klipsch out.

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The more I look at them the less ugly them seem. I never really cared for the looks of them -- but they are starting to grow on me.

It will be interesting to see what your impressions are. Especially after my earbleeding experience with them last weekend.




Klipsch RF7s - AE-25 DJH - AE-3 DJH - Sony 9000ES


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Not just in Athens - he lives in Glyfada!! - not more than 10 minutes from my house.

Thank god I have the Land Rover - they should fit in there.

Dont know what he is planning to buy - I will find out tonight - hopefully Tony is coming with me.

I had arranged to go to Tassus House tonight to get some listening done on his system - ah well - will have to be another night I suppose.

I suppose you want me to ask this guy to join the ACA....


My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm

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Congratulations, maxg on your anticipated move on up to a fully horn-loaded experience. Shades of your marble quarry query... now all you need to do is take apart a LaScala and use it as a template to build a pair out of Greek marble... then you will have something that deang can better appreciate visually. -HornED

PS: cwm40.gif Hmmm, now that you are going this far... I wonder how long it will be before you make that Land Rover fully horn-loaded to classically blast a path through Athenian traffic?

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Very nice!

That is a nice rig he has.

You better buy them, that sonly $700USD to upgrade. BIG upgrade.

Oh, I LOVE the La Scala look.


Receiver: Sony STR-DE675

CD player: Sony CDP-CX300

Turntable: Technics SL-J3 with Audio-Technica TR485U

Speakers: JBL HLS-610

Subwoofer: JBL 4648A-8

Sub amp: Parts Express 180 watt

Center/surrounds: Teac 3-way bookshelfs

Yes, it sucks, but better to come. KLIPSCH soon! My computer is better than my stereo!

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