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Cornwall 1 vs Khorn


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I would definitely invest some time and search the threads on "false corner" and "enclosed back". If you have "1/2 a corner", there was a project I documented that might be helpful. There are many others also.

In answer to your question, yes, the Klipschorns would be a step up.

When I was just a kid out of college, I ordered all the Klipsch Papers, including the "Dope from Hope" dealer newsletters. Paul Klipsch had plans for two things that he built for himself, and I did the same. One was a resistor box to get a mono center channel from any stereo line source, and the other were False Corners for Khorns.

About 9 years later, I spent a day with PWK. We met at the factory in Hope, then he took me back to his house. He had TWO false corners in his large living room for his Khorns. Everything PWK ever wrote about, he actually did. He was fully aware of the issues his customers had concerning natural corners and came up with a solution that he used for himself.

Basically you buys studs and make 4x4 foot corners that you cover with drywall. The corner horn mouth extension doesn't do much beyond 4 ft, so that is big enough. In my case I made one out studs and drywall, with a 3ft x 4 ft stabilizer tail ("L" shaped as viewed from the top). It's a cheap and easy solution to having horn bass which is FAR superior to a Cornwall bass, even though it's the same woofer.

Thanks, Claudej1. I love the PWK stories. Kind of like talking to folks who have seen Elvis in person. Hang on every word..

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Back on topic: I'm with JJKIZAK. Buy the khorns, keep the cornwalls. If its a decent deal you can sell khorns if it doesn't work out and lose little or nothing. Experience tells me don't sell a speaker you love for one you have not heard in your room. At worst, you can resell khorns. But keep them if you can.

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