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Hofy's Duct Tape Mounting System (patent pending)


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Normally Klipsch would expedite a leveraged buy-out, with this sort of technological advance. Rather than spend the money on further research and development, we would prefer to acquire the competitor.

However in this case, we are hesitant with this approach due to the nature of this cutting edge adhesive textile method. Our congratulations for your perseverance in reaching this painstakingly earned solution, after (we assume) many days and nights spent perspiring through creative brainstorming.

We admire you sir.

Have you considered submitting this to the engineering science hall of fame?

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Man oh man!! Hofy...you are one crazy sonaofgun. How can you do that to your satellites?!? I can just imagine the finish of the satellites... Oh well, to each his own. Oh by the way, how do they sound?? And do you have to keep putting on repeated taping to keep the satellites in place? And where's your review!?!

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I highly recommend that all ProMedia owners living in California, FedEx the 90 bucks to Hofy immediately. Those pesky earthquakes can wreak havoc on the speakers.

And if you order within the next 5 minutes, (and add an extra $20), Hofy will throw in a 200-page manual for folks who have trouble with assembly-required mounting systems. biggrin.gif

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I will e-mail you some referals to some good in-patient mental health facilities! I've seen alot in my day, but this really takes the cake.I mean, how could you use silver duct tape, black would look soooo much better! smile.gif It looks as if you kidnapped a pro sat and are sending Klipsch a threat and randsom letter. " I want my pro's and I want them now or the little guy gets it!". Best speaker mount I've ever seen, enclosed is my money order for $89.99, I hope that there isn't a 6 week back order on it!hehe smile.gif




I Love My Pro Medias :)

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