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2 turntables (1 phono input)


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Is this a good idea ?

I have two turntables that I like to use but only one phono input. There are switch boxes available for about $30.00 (cdn) but I did not want to buy one if I could avoid it. I was thinking about splicing the 4 inputs from the two tables into two inputs. This way either turntable that I use would be connected. Would this cause any problems. I would not want to damage any of my equipment.


Mike W.

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It is worth a try just because it is cheap.

On the other hand, I'd expect the sound to be very poor because of impedance problems. The pickup which is playing a record would have to "drive" both the input to the pre-amp and the load on the other pick up (which is connected to it in parallel).

There is some chance that the combined impedance of the two pick ups will mess us something in the equalization circuit of the pre-amp, though I'm not sure how sensitive it might be.

A switch box might have its own set of problems. You'd have to keep the volume (gain) down to zero while switching over.


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Are you DJ'ing, or what?

Why two? If one is cheap/less popular, get a Radio Bat, Shack, shark, etc. phono preamp and use that.


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If you must, then go with Seb's recommendation for an external Phono Stage. Then connect to an aux input. One of those DJ type consoles would work, but I fear it would detract rather than add to the quality of the signal being passed. The end result may likely be a much less musical presentation.



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I have a NAD c160 preamp but I use another preamp for the phono. It is a NIKKO Beta III. It sounds way better than the NAD and it has two phono inputs. Further the level of phono 2 is adjustable, so if one phono is louder you can even them out. There is occaisionally one of these on eBay.

The pre-out then goes into the NAD AUX.

I think that would work well for you.

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