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I cant believe you did this to mec>, and here I thought we were friends. Too much time with Less I see. You woulda thought I would have learned after the last time I lent someone my credit card. Jeez. At least I know the drill. Hmm, transfer the balance to 0% APR Platinum Discover, $50,000 credit limit WHEEEEEcwm29.gif

Cancel the old card. Now for backup plastic, Fleet Titanium, Nope don't need that, Ah, here's a Bank One platinum visa, 8%, that's the ticket, and throw in a Delta Sky Miles Card, for those chemically unassisted trips. Oooo oooo, here's a Chase I-bank for my little internet excursions. There, that oughta do it. Now I'm just Pennywise and about Sixteen Stone short. Another storm safely Weathered and There's Nothing Left to Lose. My Horrorscope gave me ample Warning, but I've just begun the Process of Belief of that sort of thing. I'll just have to Curb my spending tendancies until I can get my Nickleback, or at least until the Gravity of The State of affairs improves.

Well, at least you were honest enough to Come Clean, it's a good sign when you Break the Cycle of Dysfunction. Remember, Instead of having No Control, things are better taken In Moderation or The Fallout could be extreme and you could spend the rest of your days in Sing Sing Smashing Pumpkins. Smash.gif

Could you at least make me a copy of the CDs? Just to prove I've forgiven your little Conspiracy of One, I've brewed you up a nice cup of hemlo.. herbal tea. Enjoy the Mad Season! I'm sure that the good doctor Lecter has The Cure to get your White Blood Cells in the pink again, or else The Strokes will eventually kill you. Next time Yourself or Someone Like You does this, it will be War, and I will Come Out Swinging.

The Ever Passing Moment and the Glycerine have me now feeling Something Like Human again. Well, Its About Time for me to get to work, and the real jukebox playlist is getting thin. ChhhhhAAAARRRRRRGGGGGE!

P.S. About the flompies, you've gotta keep 'em separated.icon98.gificon97.gif

Glad you could Come Out and Play.

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