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Waf/gf Factor


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At some point I cannot quite identify this thread went seriously trippy.

Do I win anything for identifying Men at Work lyrics or was it just a bit too obvious?

I probably should have read what I wrote earlier in this thread to see if I should add anything on the original WAF subject. I suppose I should summarize thus:

"Darling, do you like this Album?"

"Yes Max, its very nice, can you turn the volume down?"

I think that says it all - SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) has a serious volume aversion.

I should add that the volume in question is no more than 87 dB peak at my listening position.

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As all you married guys whos wife now tolerates or enjoys the audio system knows, its compromize which gets you there. Being married 28 years to someone who does not like music (noise) and loves silence, to someone who now comments on how bad other audio systems sound in comparison to ours.

She even wants to demo the system to friends relatives, etc.. Yes she started out wanting the BOSE stuff cause it was small and unobtrusive in the room.

We now have modified K-horns standing over 6 feet tall for the mains, LaScalas for the rears, 9 cubic foot ceneter channel (altec 605A), and two Klipsch series II, 15 subs.

I have had to play music she likes I even go out of my way to buy the best possible recordinsg of music she likes, I make sure I get AC-3 Laser discs or DVD movies like Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, etc... and play them at a significant volume as well.

Letting her find music in used cd stores or movies she likes and not saying a word about it, now allows her to full appreciate the audio system, and allows me to also play the music I like at volumes I enjoy.

So make the effort to let your significant other buy and play the music they like anytime and take the time to show them how to use the equipment and what or how each peiece of it works together.


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I used to call my wife "She Who Must Be Obeyed". She seemed to enjoy it until she read John Mortimer, now she gives me the "evil eye" every time I address her as such. I don't understand why. Biggrin.gif




Toshiba DVD

32" Toshiba TV

Odyssey Stratos

1987 Khorns Mains

1976 LaScala's Rears

KV-1 Center

KSW-12 Sub


Fisher 800C Receiver

1987 Khorns

Teac CDP

Pioneer TT

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Boa I still subscribe to the mobius strip theory of Vanilla Sky You twist it, you splice it and you end up with something that confounds the mind..

Max - Thanx for identifying the source of the tune, it was driving me batso.

I don't see anything strange about this thread, Looks absolutely normal to me. What's a tangent, however twisted, or a few mutated flompies between friends? My personal favorite, mutation-wise, is the west nile flompy (tornadicus flompulus). Goooo Justin. Anyhow, these things always seem to happen when Billy and I get around each other. Could be something in the New Jersey water. What? That's not Water?

cwm29.gif WHEEEEEEEE

I love my music while aloft

I love my music sounding soft,

I love my music in a crowd,

I love my music extra LOUD.

Geeeezzz I'm Regresssssinnnnnnnng

Sanity Check -

jweed I think your approach to curing the WAF is probably the saneset. I certainly wouldn't want anyone criticizing my choices of movies/music, and education beats intimidation any day.

Off to the doctor ..... Badeep Badeep That's All Folks

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Flying out for Sanity Check

You are probably right about the jweed approach but the last time I ever thought of such an approach was the one the plane in North by Northwest flew right over Cary Grants head and ended up dusting my crops in my field the government is trying to sell from underneath my nose. They actually added value to the harvest and I no longer have to rely on my Simplicitys head lights to gather the fruits of my labor. I just collect the run off from the fields after every rainstorm that has filled the rabbit holes and bottle it legally as Spring Water. Thats why I love the Jersey H2O. One bite of the tomater and its see you later alligator. And it more than pays the bills. For instance. Ive taken trips all over the world and have never left the farm. I dont monkey around with my money crops . Its what I call being Eeekonomical. Well I better ughhead out. Yeah, that it. Thats what I was doin. I have a doctors appointment too. Hes running a special this week. Its his annual BeBop Deluxe Extra Long Sleeved Tux clearance sale. Gotta load up the machine and point it toward his office in Missouri . So long, screwy, see you in St. Louis ! Ooops ! Almost forgot to pack extra Spring water. He he . Keeps the bounce in the old rabbits foot. Oh Pwofessor ! Pwofessor Fate! Can I push the button now? Hey! Get those air gremlins off the plane. At least I think theyre air gremlins.

icon98.gif I knew it. They got to the water.icon97.gif


tHe wORLDs werst TYPesT>

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Boa LOL, Dr. Seuss is about my speed, but you did make me dig out the Presidents and yep, Peaches would of been a far reach. I guess my Seuss musta been a far reach also.

Bubba In your case the sanity check came up negative, Tee Hee. By the Way I'm PO-ed at you. This post of yours inspired a $100 trip down memory lane courtesy of my favorite e-tailers. Picked up BBD Sunburst Finish/UFO No Heavy Petting/ELP - Works/and a couple of Jam Cds. Wish I had money to support the music habit then, backfilling is a pain in the posterior.

Gotta go, I'm smoking chickens in the back yard.

Ooops, The Thread Sanctity Police are about to jumpicon98.gifme.


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Do you roll them up in rolling papers or use a pipe?

Never smoked chickens before, just smokes and the odd weed now and again.. LOL

Just jokeing, I have a Big Chief Smokehouse, great for fish and meat.





Fronts & Mains: Klipsch La Scalas

Center: Klipsch RC-7

Rears: Klipsch RS-7's

Projector: Infocus LP350

Screen: Draper Premier 96" x 72"

TV: Toshiba 37"

DVD: Toshiba SD-3805

Receiver: Harman Kardon AVR 7000

CD: Sony CDP CX250

EQ: Harmon Kardon EQ-8

Sub: Dual SVS Ultras w/ Samson 1000 watt amp


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Just got back from my appointment with Dr. Strangelove. And yes ,Clu ,you were right but that gets me all mixed up since I thought you were left handed. No matter how we looked at the tests they all came back negative and all the spots look the same so I guess thats positive. So looking at it from my ambidextrous point of view and taking in to account I was able to fit the obtuse triangular shaped car battery into where the square peg belongs with my trusty wooden mallet I feel good about appearing normal as far as you and I see it. Great! So I am more relaxed now with my physicians prognosis even though I could hardly hear his explanation while standing on the subjects side of a one way mirror. Speaking of smoking chicken in the great outdoors I got a tip from the good doctors right hand man Buck Turgidson. The heck with breaking out the old biplane and dusting the poultry with flour for deep frying. Im giving them birds the 40 megaton-o-chicken treatment with some real air power. Thats right. Buck said Dont cook tonight, call Air Strike Delight. Just give them a jingle and theyll send out one of their big birds to do your little birds right outside on your patio. If the pilot's good, I mean if he's reeeally sharp, he can barrel that thing in so low, oh it's a sight to see. You wouldn't expect it with a big ol' plane like a '52, but varrrooom! The jet exhaust...wooo be frying chickens in the barnyard! Cleaned, cooked and carved with one swoop. Well thats my Barbeque to hit the road. Exit stage left. No right. Nope. Gonna use the hole. Whoa . Its dark in here. Maybe I can light the way with one of Lesss credit cards .Goin down. Down, down, down, down, down. I just love the way Jeff Beck does this. Vroooooooooom.


tHe wORLDs werst TYPesT>

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BBB - Down, Down, Down...The only recording of Rock & Roll Stew I have is from Low Spark of High Heeled boys. You made me look Did Jeff Beck record it also? And were you hanging out with Less the other night when I had this blasting? And the chicken reeked of Jet Fuel. Yuck


Nope, Never Cool, Just A Strange Phenomena

Cant remember a dang thing about anything on the album as well as the BeBop Deluxe Album, but remembered the graphics on the covers, and remembered I loved the music on them. Rock Bottom is not on there by the way.

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Going Down performed by the Jeff Beck Group and found on the album of the same name(1972)also included on Best of Beck (Epic 1995).Written by Don Nix and recorded for the first time by Freddie King while Don was producing for Chess Studios. Nix did alot of work at the Stax and Muscle Shoals Studios. He was one of the original musicians(sax)of the Memphis Sound (the Tennesse wild bunch) who make me look like an amateur when it comes to to the art of acting crazy.

Well MAYBE.Wink.gif


tHe wORLDs werst TYPesT>

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Leave it to me to question a musician on a question of music. Remind me to never do that again. Ahhhh, we both know that won't work. LOL.

The earliest work of Jeff Beck I ever owned was Truth/Beckola on vinyl, and the last I purchased until recently was Flash, I didn't like it, and so I shied away from him for awhile. I do like his new CD, alot though. I was weaned on his screaming guitar riffs from, Blow by Blow, Wired, and There And Back. Granted, I'm probably not giving a talented musician his full due for the scope of his talents, but it's a mental thing, I don't like his music with vocals. My love of Jeff Beck sent me spiraling after Joe Satrianni, and Eric Johnson. There is nothing like the sound of a screaming guitar, unless its the sound of a classic guitar, or a keyboard solo, or or or or or..

I do believe you have perfected and refined the art of acting/being crazy to the point of science.

Hey, are you still using my credit card as a flashlight? I need it back,. Its SALE TIME,.I need to add a few lumens to the bugger. Happy Laborfree day.

Final Note - The vegetarian flompies have eaten 6 giant hostas in an effort to keep up with the carnivores. I need to genetically engineer a breed that eats poison ivy.

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Yes Cluless, your observation of my Acting/Being crazy to the point of science statement may fall in line with some peoples references to type A and B insanity personality traits that appear to have attached themselves to my scientific background after my sightings of a few spacecraft disasters in my rearview mirror. These attachments became clear to me one day as I was tossing a $1,000 electrolux vacuum cleaner into a GSP tollbooth after I saw the credit card bill my EX-wife used to purchase the contraption. Speaking of credit cards, the check, ugh no I mean the card, is in the mail. I needed to purchase a few items with it to reinforce the points I was going to make about some Jeff Beck material you might find interesting.

One of your Texas favorites Stevie Ray Vaughn Box Set. Includes Going Down live with Jeff Beck-$80. Beck,Bogert and Appice studio(Don Nix again) $10 (has Black Cat Moan on it. Great for opening up bills with the Kitties around) and Live in Japan (import) both for another 80 smackeroonies. Look at the bright side . Saved you 37 cents for the 2 and Less insisted on getting it for you since HDBRbuilder seemed to pique your curiosity in BBA. Im sending the Live one back. See were saving money here. Needed a little head room anyway to get Blow by Blow in the SACD version($20) AND a player for it. Gotta have the player. Relax! Its a Sony. Voila! The SCD-1, $5,000.Also needed another receiver to avoid all that switching around between the DVD-A and SACD formats. But thanks to all of the info you provided the choice was easy. Picked this one up just south of the border. The Denon AVRsta-Tres ocho cero dos.(8,929 Pesos). Muchas gracias mi amigo. Weeeeee Perritos! Were smoking now.(I heard that you wise guys). Need you ask why I had to have this next one for my personal collection , Jeff Beck Live with Jon HammerSmash.gif .($9.98 with Ball Pein trade in).If the Truth($11.98) be known Im afraid you might be getting a little Wired($12.98) about the cost but You Had It Coming($18.98). I mean Who Else!($11.98) but good old Cluless knowing the Shapes of Things($5.98 see how economical) are in this economy would lend a credit card to a rabbit without as much as a hole to drop in. So sit back and be Rough and Ready($8.99) when that credit card bill comes Rollin and a Tumblin in. I know its Labor Day but theres no need to have a baby over these small transactions. I also know you prefer Jeffs work without singers but heres one with Rod Stewart thats hard not like:

People Get Ready

There's a bill a-coming

You don't need no cabbage

You just use the card

If you need a ride

Youll hear my diesel humming

Don't need no ticket

You just thank Master Charge

Well to use a phrase my doctor Hannibal Lecter uses quite often Okey-Dokey, here we go.

P.S. The Flompies paid cash for the Juiceman II for their veginout-door extravaganza. They turned Whimpy on me and said theyd gladly pay me on Tuesday for some hamburger today. I told them the green stuff was poison but what do you expect from a bunch of ivy leaguers. So if you hear a whirring under the floorboards its just the sound of invegability. Just look out for the agents. Orange you glad I warned you?

Are we having fun yet? He He He .Thats all folks. Vroooooom


tHe wORLDs werst TYPesT>

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