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Marantz CD Players - Recent Problems?


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Been doing some upgrades of source components lately and decided that the Marantz CD6005 would be a fairly economical improvement over our current CDP. Result? Two defective units in a row. The first had a bad laser which skipped and sounded like an old beat  up LP. The second unit powered up fine, but could not go beyond giving me a "No Disc" reading after I placed a disc in it. Same result for a half dozen discs. The best Marantz USA had to suggest is unplugging the unit in hopes that it would reset. (It didn't). This will be the second unit going back to the vendor. Might be a dumb move, but I'm taking a chance that a third unit will work. I really do like the Marantz 'house' sound and have had great luck with them in the past. Anyone else experiencing these kinds of issues with Marantz lately?

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Hello ChuckAb3

I had simular problem with my Marantz SA8004. It was purchased brand new two years ago. Its only used very little and very well cared for. The sound it puts out is amazing. Began having problems with it skipping and then just stop playing and unable to read the disc. Had to send it in for repair. Thank goodness it is still under warranty. The repair center told me this was a very common problem in Marantz players for the laser to go out. He seemed to know right away what the problem was. So far it seems to be working great. My disapointment is we have a cheap $70 BlueRay player that my kids play to death.

It is 5 yrs old and takes a daily beating. Yet its still going strong no problems or issues. My $1000 SACD player 2 yrs old and cared for like a baby, lasted 1.5 yrs before going dead. Yuk! 

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