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Happy w/KLF-30's?


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Think they sound good. Until I turn up volume. It seems if I go past 10'clock, the midrange overpowers the bass. I actually like my 20's better, but I like the size of the 30's. Did the bi-wire thing, but didn't notice a difference. Used to play at 12'oclock, but no more.

Am considering changing brands. Would like to hear the PSB stratus golds. No one near me has them on floor.


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Ever try getting a sub? Also if you decide to change from klipsch to psb be prepared to ask yourself what happen to your amplifiers power. Cause the psb's will eat it up. The volume you are listening to your klipsch at 10 o clock will have to change to about 4 o clock to get the same loudness out of the psb's. Dont mean to be sounding bias but i guess i might as well tell it how it is. But goodluck with all

Chorus II's

Adcom GFA 555 mkII

Adcom GFP 555 mkII

Cal Audio Icon mkII

Cardas cables & interconnects

rock on!!!!

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My question is, what are u powering the Speakers with? I had that problem with the mid-range coloration at higher volumes, using the Yamaha rxv800, then i bought an old SS amp(Kenwood Basic M2A 220w/ch) in fact i have two of those amps one for my KLF30's and one for my KLF20's. Problem solved! Bass and mid-range have tonal balance. Some recievers/amps color treble, some attenuate bass.

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