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Klipsch Sub 12 Subwoofer in TV wall cabinet?


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Hi everyone,


I recently purchased a Klipsch Sub 12 Subwoofer (at least I think; it looks exactly like this: http://www.klipsch.com/sub-12-subwoofer/details). I'm looking to install a custom TV wall cabinet set up for my home theater. 


Ideally, I would place my subwoofer inside a cabinet with a mesh door; however, mine is a down-firing subwoofer. Does anyone know if I can still put my subwoofer inside and get good bass quality? Because it's down firing, do I have to have an opening at the bottom of my sub so that the bass will come through?




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Hey Orionova.....

Welcome to the forum.......I'm not sure that would work......I have a sub 12 and it does put out a good bit of bass...

1st like you said it's a down firing sub and there is a big rear port in the back of that thing......I just can't see it working in a cabinet...

But hey put in there .....what's the worst that can happen......

MKP :-)

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I can't imagine a down firing sub would work in an enclosure.  Is there any reason you couldn't point the driver out of the front?


I would also consider if the plate amp will have enough cooling in an enclosure.  I have a 300w Klipsch RW-12d which doesn't get too hot, and a recently built DIY sub with a 500w Yung plate amp and it does get hot to the touch.

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"Murphy's Law of Subwoofer Placement: Where it looks the best is always where it works the worst."-Bill Fitzmaurice Tue May 02, 2006 


Subwoofers love corners. If you have a corner you can put that sub, you will get 12db gain. If you need more information, please provide some pictures of the room and dimensions. It would also be nice to know what other speakers you are using and the receiver.


If I were you, I would not build a screened enclosure for this sub, unless you can use it for something else when you find out the sub doesn't work in it. I think you will find this answer is the consensus. 

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Thanks everyone! 


It seems the ideal option would be to not put the sub in a closed cabinet. I will figure out a way to arrange my home theater while giving breathing room for my sub. I'm not willing to compromise on the sound quality, with such an awesome sub! :) 

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