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70's Vinyl

Mike Lindsey

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Polydor pd5058...manufactured and marketed by Polygram records Inc. NY


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Check out ebay for the Buckingham Nicks CD. One is a sealed "Anthem Record Collectors Edition". Not sure what that is or the sound quality but it's the same album. I just made a CD from my record.

Take the McVie songs from Bare Trees and add this lp and you have the genesis for the popular Fleetwood Mac sound that emerged from the Green/Spencer blues Fleewood Mac and ruled the airways in the late 70's.

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Well I just finished listening to Firefall's first album (simply titled Firefall) and I must say, it's quite good. I had forgotten how much I really liked this band, and then the reasons all came back to me after listening to this album.

The lead guitar is right out front, crystal clear thruout the album. The vocals are pure and separated. One of the reasons I really loved a number of bands from the 70's were the great vocals from all the lead singers. This in combination with some good harmany background vocals, as well as being able to understand the words, made it a very recognizable decade. Bands like Journey, Styx, Steve Miller, Little River Band, Kansas, Pablo Cruise, REO Speedwagon and Firefall were this kind of band.

Anyway, this album has some very good songs on it. You'll remember the hits "Cinderella", "Livin' ain't Livin'" and "You are the Woman", but I really like "Mexico" and "Sad ol' Love Song". Both of these got some airplay as well but they weren't as big as the others I don't believe.

I also have their next 3 albums and we'll see if they sound as good as this one... I will let you know what I think. BTW, I played Boston's 1st album (I have the CBS Half-Speed Master) and couldn't get thru the first song. It was so bright I couldn't listen to it. I have a number of other Half-Speed Masters and none of them sounded like this. The Supertramp "Crime of the Century" recording is outstanding...


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Well I just picked up a few albums from the local vinyl shop and one of them was Honky Chateau from Elton John (original pressing for $4). I must say this is head and shoulders better than the Madman Across the Water disc I own. There is some serious bass on this LP, with some very good piano and horns as well. It is a very dynamic album with lots of separation between the instruments and a very wide soundstage.

One of the things that I am starting to notice about vinyl is the imaging. For some reason, I never really noticed it with my CD's before. With the better recorded vinyl however, I am really starting to hear where the music is coming from. Most of my CD's sound like everything is coming from the center. I seem to hear a lot more left and right, and everything in between with well recorded vinyl.

The other thing I wanted to mention is the difference between my German and US pressings. I would say I bought about 150 LP's off base and for the most part, they are much better recordings than my US pressings. Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" is a German pressing and it is my best recording imo. I have a number of others that are outstanding as well. Even Journey sounds great on the German pressings.

BTW, I picked up Pink Floyd's "Animals" and also replaced my Alan Parson's "I Robot", which had a terrible pop thruout the entire first side. I bought both for $4. A pretty good deal if I do say so myself. I also got Al Dimeola's "Splendido Hotel", a double LP for $6 and this sounds even better than my remastered CD. It may be my new reference album.

More to follow...


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I like vinyl but I still struggle keeping it clean and minimizing the noise. I have been buying used lps and they look mint but don't always play mint. I'm giving up on classical vinyl. Many have passages recorded so low that I crank the amp and listen to surface noise from the lp/needle and if there are any pops they become pretty annoying...and the lp looks like it's never been played! The rock isn't too bad but I like the remastered CD's better so far. Let me get better hifi and I'll retest.

Do you like the Elton John vinyl better than the remastered CD's? Same for Floyd...I filed my lps away and listen to the "Shine On" box.

I listen to vinyl as much as CDs but the vinyl is primarily stuff I don't have on CD and I have magnitudes more vinyl than optical.

I've found some mint and cheap half speed masters and those sound great!

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Mike - I have 15 PF albums now and the best by far in terms of quality is a German pressing of the Wall which I picked up mint for $12. If you can find a German pressing I heartily recommend it.

A friend of mine has a DSOTM Japanese pressing which cost a small fortune and is even better sonically than my copy of the Wall and way better than either my Greek or French pressings of DSOTM. Note though that when I say a small fortune I mean it cost him more than my 15 albums put together.

Right now my favorite PF album is Animals (which no-one seems to have mentioned). Sadly it is not the best quality recording I own (Greek again).

As for Roger Waters in the Flesh - I have that on SACD multi-channel and it is by far the best SACD I have found. I have no idea how it compares to the DVD-a version as I am still yet to hear or sea a DVDa unit over here.


My System: http://aca.gr/pop_maxg.htm

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In my post above, you'll see I just purchased the Animals LP (NM for $10) but it is a US pressing. I will play it this morning and see how it stacks up. I have 8 PF's on vinyl and my Wish Yor Were Here is the best recording and it was pressed in Germany. DSOTM and The Wall although both bought in Germany, were bought on the base and are US pressings. They are both outstanding but not as good as WYWH.

The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn is a UK mono pressing (1967) is decent but not at the level of The Wall and DSOTM. Meddle is actually pretty disappointing, mostly because I like that album and it's certainly not the best recording.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have bought everything off base and would have gotten mostly German, Holland and Japanes pressings. As it is, I have about 125 LP's that were pressed in Germany...


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I may be in the minority here, but I'm with kjohnsonhp. Just posted this which applies to this thread as well b08-22-200203:14AM

Hmmm...sorry, that link won't take you directly to the post...must haved goofed the link...?



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