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RT12D blowing fuse


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I have a RT12T sub that is blowing the fuse. If I unplug everything from the plate amp it still blows the fuse. Talked to tech support and they no longer support this Sub. They did give me a company to contact for repair, Sybesma Electronics in Holland,MI. I did send them a msg about sending them the amp for repair.

My question is does anyone know someplace in the DFW area that could repair it. If nothing else just to save shipping costs. I guess it might be the power supply which wouldn't be too hard to replace after finding one.


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This is the guy here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Repair-Service-Klipsch-RW12D-Send-Us-Your-Non-Working-Amp-We-Will-Repair-It-/281730281926?hash=item41986ef1c6


I've never dealt with him personally but he has extensive positive feedback. This listing isn't for the plate you have so you'd have to email him and tell him what you have. Good luck with the repair!

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