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SOLD.... Emotiva XPA-2 Gen 2


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Thanks, Tim




  • Number of channels: 2 (stereo mode), 1 (monoblock mode)
  • Topology: fully discrete, highly optimized dual differential, high current, short signal path Class A/B with premium components throughout
  • Power output (all channels driven):
    1000 watts RMS @ 8 ohm (Mono-Block mode)
    500 watts RMS per channel @ 4 ohm (0.12% THD)
    300 watts RMS per channel @ 8 ohm (0.07% THD)
  • Rated power bandwidth: 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.07dB
  • Broadband frequency response: : 5Hz to 100kHz, +0 -3dB
  • Amplifier gain: 29 dB
  • Signal to Noise Ratio:
    1 watt: > 97 dB
    Full power: > 121 dB
  • Input impedance:
    unbalanced: 23.5kohms
    balanced: 33 kohms
  • Power supply: 1,200VA toroidal transformer with 45,000uF low ESR storage capacitance
  • Size:
  • unboxed: 17” wide x 7 3/4” high x 19” deep
  • boxed: 23 1/2" wide x 12" high x 24 3/4" deep
  • Weight: 72.6 lbs (83.5 lbs boxed)

PM me!

Thanks, Tim

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I've often debated/wondered if having high power monoblocks (either XPR-1's or two XPA-2's) would make any difference and if it is worth it.  Electrically, I know not all amps measure the same.  There are things like slew rates, IMD, cross-talk, and the amount of reserve power (e.g. how beefy is the power supply) that ARE different between amps and very different when compared to just using an AVR.


However, I wonder if I'll hear a difference coming from a well designed differential 7 channel ATI AT2007 amp to a set up like you are talking about/using with beefier amps for my FL and FR.  Clearly there is more reserve power to handle transients better when listening to stereo, and there's nothing wrong with having extra headroom even if you aren't going to use it all.


For one, I'd expect THD to be lower if one doesn't run their amp near it's limit.  Plus even if a speaker is efficient, if the impedance drops below 4 ohms at some frequencies, I have my doubts about an AVR or using a smaller multi-channel amp for my mains.  I don't know why so many folks immediately look at sensitivity only without also looking at impedance plots for a loud speaker.  And I can see value in not crossing over to my subs if my waterfall plot will look better (since towers are towards the middle of the room) with my FL and FR set to full.


I guess it's the same folks who say I should just use an AVR and don't need separates, won't be able to hear a difference, not using the power I have now if my breaker doesn't trip (complete BS as the power supply has lots of capacitance and I'm concerned with transients), etc...  I agree with some of this if you have room for horn loaded bass bins and huge horns, but some of us don't.


Hahaha....never noticed that before wvu80.


I was lucky enough to pick up an Emotiva XPA-5 from the factory refreshed sale today for less money than I sold the XPA-2 so that was a bonus. Gotta love the Emotiva Ebay store!

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I have a pair of Emotiva XPA-1's and there is little difference between them and my XPA-2. I have not run my XPA-2 in mono so I am not sure how that would sound. The Emotiva amps have all been good to me. I have enjoyed everything from the UPA-2 which was my first Emotiva amp to the pair of XPA-1's. I have never seen stress of any sort from these amps and to be honest the only receiver that seems to pull it's weight without wimping out at high volume and all channels driven is the Sherourn SR-120. There was a reason it originally sold for three grand. My higher end Yamahas couldn't hold a candle to the Sherbourn. Since I have all the receiver logic of the SR-120 in my PT7020C4 preamps I basically just have an abundance of headroom now to fill the room with even more sound...not that it was needed. All in all I see no reason to go with a receiver when you can add separates at such affordable prices.

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