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Need help choosing Speakers for Atmos Home theatre system


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So i am building a house and it is going to include a 2 row, 7 seat (3+4) or 8 seat (4+4) home theatre and im starting to draw up the schematic of the home theatre and got to the speaker locations and such. I live in a small country/ so i have almost no way of testing any of the speakers i choose before i get them, so i am trusting in the reviews of others.The first thing that came up when i googled home theater were klipsch speakers so i started reaschering them and they looked very good and i have read that they are very good. The plan is to have a 9.2.4 or a 9.4.4 Atmos setup in the room and i was just wondering what speakers you as the experts (at least heard the speakers) would recommend. The rest of the speakers in the house are Bang & Olufsen but cause in the theater im putting so many speakers i'd rather not spend that much money on getting Bang & Olufsen speakers. also how do the klipsch compare to the B&O speakers. or should i get the THX Ultra 2 and is that any good compared to Dolby ATmosThanks in advance for any help. Also, i'm single so no wife/GF telling me what i cant do :)



(sorry for bad English)

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They don't seem to market it as such, but personally I think the Klipsch CDT-5800-c ii are great for Atmos.  Even Tom Anderson was impressed that the woofers could be tilted and the tweeters rotated to any position, which would be great for the low'ish ceilings of typical homes.  Usually opinions are a dime a dozen, but Tom happens to be a senior Dolby engineer.  

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First off welcome to the Klipsch community! I am a new member as well and just recently purchased my first pair of  Klipsch speakers. I had tried many in the past and after seeing them outperform speakers 2-3 and even 4x there size I took the leap to go full Klipsch! Sounds like you have a pretty big theater to play with. I am still no Klipsch expert and don't know all their speakers too well. All I can say is once you hear that Klipsch sound it's hard to go back to any other speaker! 


Since I am still fairly new to Klipsch and as I said don't know their line well enough to recommend what would fit your needs best ill let some of the other experts take over but I just wanted to say welcome! 

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