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Should i switch my RF-62 for RF-62 II?


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Hey guys,


It's pretty hard to get older klipsch equipment around here and some weeks ago i was lucky to finde some so i bought a used RC-64 II and the RS-62 II to extend my setup of two RF-62 and a RW-12D Sub.


Does it make sense to replace the RF 62 with the RF 62 II not for aesthetics (the RF 62 II speakers are more bronze in color), but for sound?

or maybe even upgrade to the RF 82 II?

I wonder how you guys think about it.

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If it were an even trade, sure I would go with the ii's, but if it cost you anything I'd stick with what you have.  I do like the copper tone of the ii's much better, but sound wise I doubt it would be worth the upgrade IMO

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