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Fix (or replace) XW-500D


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Hello everyone.  I bought a 6.1 set of Icon speakers in October of 2008, and last week my XW-500D subwoofer died.  There is a little text display on the top, and when I toggle the power switch it will light up for half a second before fading out.  It also doesn't go BOOM BOOM BOOM anymore.  That has been the extent of my troubleshooting so far.


This brick cost a pretty penny back in 2008, but I am not sentimental about it.  I was wondering if anyone had recommendations for trying to repair it.  Otherwise, I'd like to solicit recommendations for replacing it.  My den is 22' x 22', and this would be for exclusively for movies.  I am not opposed to moving to a 6.2 setup, if there is any merit to that layout.


Thanks in advance for your input!



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Sounds like the fuse is good then at the electric cord input. Guessing you are using an lfe from receiver to the sub, instead of speaker wire connection. There are plate amps available for some Klipsch subs. Not certain about one for your model sub. Others here though will fill in the blanks for you here eventually. I would call Klipsch support to help troubleshoot meanwhile. There is or was a single same model for sale here recently under the Garage sale section, although the sub was/is in Orlando.

Welcome to the forum, albeit under the circumstance... :)

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The XW-500d is a very nice sounding subwoofer for music and in a smaller room, handles HT decently.  If HT use is it's main function, then I would shop for a larger subwoofer due to your minimum 3872 cu.ft. room.


With that said, if price is not too steep, the XW is worth repairing, IMO.



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I did some research and ordered a pair of SVS SB-2000's.  I would have probably gotten the ported PB-2000's if they were available in the Piano Black finish, but the wife was not going to approve of that wood grain look.


As far as the XW-500d goes, I opened a ticket with Klipsch to see if they could service it.  It looks like I may be able to replace the amp with something like this:



Thanks for the input everyone. 



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