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The Horror of the Internet....

mobile homeless

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Some freak sent me this the other day, and I am just now recovering from the vision. Country Rock is about the last thing in the World I would want to hear; I would favor the sounds of a raw jackhammer on a concrete street given a choice. It seems ole "Don and JB" are rockin' the free world with their own brand of racket. Why me, Lord?



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Well.... thankfully, that was all they sent. They had mercy on me. Sadly, however, I became curious and did a search and located a treasure trove of .mp3 files for the unwary. A few bars into one and I was suddenly glad it was just via my computer speakers and with the ultimate control of my MS mouse, a well placed "click" brought it all to a quick and merciful end. Actually, to be honest, I have heard worse but the vision alone caused enough damage.

Suddenly, I felt the creeping sensation that these were two Klipsch Forum members, out for revenge....


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Originally posted by mobile homeless:

From 9042 to 9043 with two words. Suddenly, those insane numbers make sense.


i had a 'witty' remark but i got rid of it till i could think of something that was actually funny. I think i broke my funny bone... Wink.gif




promediatech@Klipsch.com /1-888-554-5665 - RA# 800-554-7724 ext 5s>

Email Me

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Some loons will do any thing to post their photo!

Got a freaky ole lady name a cocaine Katy

Who embroideries on my jeans

Got my poor old grey haired daddy

Drivin' my limosine

Now, it's all designed to blow our minds

But our minds won't really be blown

Like the blow that'll get ya when you get your picture

On the cover of the Rolling Stone



My Systems f>s>c>

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