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WTB: Bass traps, panel style or triangular corner


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Hi All I am interested in getting some bass traps.  I do not want foam, but am looking for panels made from Roxul or Corning 703 or similar.

If you have some you want to part with, or are great at building them and are local to Chicago, let me know.


I know that I could make them myself, but am not interested in a project!  

4" depth is preferred but am open and flexible to what someone may have.


I am in Chicago, so would be looking for someone local or someone who can and will ship them.  


How many is flexible and based upon price, but likely between 6 and 10 depending upon sizes and cost.

Size wanted is mostly around 24 x 48 but again some flexibility.  


I know I can go to many sites that will build/ship but didn't know if anybody was looking to part with some they already have.  

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 I do not want foam

Yeah, any type of foam bass trap or foam panel at the reflection points did not work for me....at all. Dead....sucked the life right out of my room.

I settled on GIK Acoustics and if you do end up deciding to go that way, Glenn from GIK was very helpful to me over the phone. Their prices aren't cheap but they're not the most expensive either.

I want to experiment with some of their diffusion products.

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