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Which tubes for Bob Latino's ST-70 kit?


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I won't be able to hear a huge difference with my tinnitus so I've been deliberating on the output tubes for the VTA ST-70. Go EL34 or 6550? Bob is recommending the standard EL34's it comes with but I do like the looks of those 6550 tubes...rather sexy. What's the advantage/disadvantage? Worth the extra money? Which are considered a high gain versus low gain tube? Am I over thinking? About to order so only want to do it once. 


May order one of those Bowei 2a3c Chinese amps on ebay. Curious about the raving on the sound of those smaller powered amps. It looks good, but not sure of its build.  But that's another story. 

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14 hours ago, avguytx said:


May order one of those Bowei 2a3c Chinese amps on ebay.


They are a Chinese clone of the Sun Audio SV2A3 amplifier. The Bowei has printed circuit boards. Sun Audio is point to point and uses Tamura iron. I think you can still get the Sun Audio SV2A3 in kit form, however it's about $2300 for the kit...sumthin' like that. But I love that candy apple chassis of the Bowei...at those prices you can buy the amp, gut the innards and build your own circuit in the chassis.


The Raphaelite tube amplifiers I see on net searches appear to be a decent product...at least they appear to...

Raphaelite has point to point wiring with turret boards, if one wants to avoid printed circuit boards in a tube amp.

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But the more I think about it, the more I'm pushed away from spending 5+ big ones on something from across the pond that I would have to figure out.  Sure, iron could be changed out but that price could get me an amp from Maynard most likely and sound hella better, be built better, and I could understand him on the phone if it got down to it.  ha


I'll stay with my quest to find the right tubes for the ST70 and get it ordered.



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In my TAD-60, I just replaced my quad of Mullard XF2 EL34's with reissued Gold Lion KT77's. (I got a matched quad on eBay for about $150 shipped.) Honestly, I have been an NOS vintage tube user for years. However, these new Gold Lions are blowing me away; they are crystal clear and balanced from top to bottom. I was also using GE 6550's, but in my amp I found them to be too dark.

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