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tom b. 57

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I am thinking about picking up a pair of these for a very good price. One speaker has an issue.

According to the seller one speaker sometimes has no sound until you give it a bump.

Sounds to me like a loose wire or something similar. If it is a simple connection problem, I can comfortably attend to this.

What else could be the issue? Could this be a binding post issue? 

Any thoughts or ideas? I plan on looking at them tonight.



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OK, I picked up the 5.5's. The seller said that if you bumped one speaker it would cut out.


I tried and tried and could not get it to duplicate this issue.


It does seem like the tweeter in one is not as loud and the other, but it is working. Never come across this before.


Any ideas? Xover?




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A way to test if it's the Xover or the tweeter is to swap the tweeters between the speaker that functions fine and the one that is having issues.  If the issue persists it is a crossover issue, if it does not it is a problem with the tweeter.

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