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Question for all you vinyl guys


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Well George that depends on what type of arm it's going on.  Something called compliance which I don't understand too well myself cause it involves math and other stuff.


Here's a decent explanation on a thread over at AK:




I have had  the Signet TKE 3 and liked it.    Both the Signet and the Shure are probably conical stylii.

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On 1/26/2017 at 6:45 PM, oldred said:

I got a couple of old cartridges sitting around. Just trying to find out which one is better

Shure M95ED or Signet 5 TKE?      ...both completely original and in great shape


Just had to ask....







The Shure M95ED has an elliptical stylus (The E in the model), here's the pdf for the cartridge.



The Signet also appears to be Elliptical


Sorry I could not find a pdf data sheet for it

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