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Can it be powered?


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The only thing i can see being a factor is impedance, do you have the stock little speakers that came with the set to take a measurement ?


My guess says it will work fine but its best to do a little measuring up front if you have a multimeter, if not you can pick up a cheapie for a few bucks for the test or maybe someone here has one they could measure.

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I do have the little speaker that came with it.  They work fine, but I was thinking it might be a small upgrade to use the bookshelf speakers in place of the speakers that come in the 2.1 ProMedia package. 


Sadly, I don't understand what you mean about measuring. 

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Loudspeaker impedance varies from one to another. If you call Klipsch they may be able to help you as well, rarely do they visit here.


Unfortunately i don't have a set to measure, maybe somebody who does will chime in with an answer.


If you just want to give it a try worst case scenario is you burn up the amp but odds are low.





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You can always get a little Class D amp for your desktop. I personally love the Lepai 2020A+ and the version with the Tripath chip is getting rare as they dont make the chips anymore. I have one for my LaScalas and one in my office running my KG 5.5's. The sound is crystal clear and the music just flows, this little amp is a giant killer for sure.



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2 hours ago, Zealous said:

twk123, I went ahead and pulled the trigger on that little doodad! 


I'm excited.  I'll check back in when I receive it and let you know how it works. 

Awesome! Its a great little amp. It does sound a little harsh and has a bit of a 'zing' at first but will break in after a few days. The only other quirk is that the tone controls are sub par but i have always just had them turned off. Let me know how you like it. There are a few of us here that are big supporters of Class D amps with Klipsch speakers so we like to see what others think as well.

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