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Will this work, OPPO as a pre?

The Dude

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I don't know what I am trying to achieve.  I am planning on building a built in cabinet on the other side of the room and am planning on moving my receiver, blue ray player, etc... to this area.  The TV and speakers will remain on the wall that they currently are.  I am looking at upgrading my TV to a newer Sony Bravia smart TV (I am not dedicated to this brand, just as of now prefer it over others).  From what I was told from the sales rep, that these are Android based and whatever apps are available from Android are available on this TV.  If that is so, I would be using Sling TV, Plex, Netflix, Spotify and couple of others that aren't as important. If this is capable, then I will move my Nvidia Shield and PS3 down stairs to the theater area.  My thought was to run an HDMI cable for audio from the TV to an OPPO UDP-203 than a HDMI back from the OPPO to the TV for Video (maybe not all of this is necessary with ARC) Then run the analog outs to a 5 channel amp to power my mains and surround sound and the subwoofer amp to power the sub.  The OPPO would act as pre/pro and Blue ray/4k DVD play back.

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