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Fairchild 260


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I agree – use your mono Fairchild to drive a center channel.


I own many modern classical hi-res surround-sound recordings delivered on Blu-ray DTS-HD MA 5.0 (or 5.1), and SACD (5.1). 


In classical recordings, the rear channels contain little content (mostly audience applause).


You could use your mono Fairchild tube amp to drive the center channel in a 3.0, or 3.1, or 3.2 system.


For example, I use my Oppo UDP-205, BDP-105, and BDP-95 universal players’ internal audiophile grade DACS to provide 5.1 analog audio outputs.   You could simply not connect the rear channels (because not much is lost).    Have one vintage stereo tube amp drive the main left & right speakers.  The vintage Fairchild mono amp could drive the center speaker.  My approach may be unorthodox, but it works great in my bedroom system.  (A Fisher 500C drives the main L&R speakers, and a Fisher 500 (mono) drives the center speaker.)  And – most important – it sounds fabulous for the classical music and opera that I love.


Or, one stereo amp driving the main left & right speakers, a second stereo amp driving the two rear surround speakers, and the mono amp driving the center channel.


If I didn’t already own “more than enough” vintage tube amps, I’d be interested in a Fairchild 260 ...  

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