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Tweaking a pair of RF-63 Speakers and RC-64 for Fullest Stereo Sound


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Howdy,   I am interested in tweaking a pair of RF-63 Speakers and RC-64 for Fullest Stereo Sound.    I am using them with a Denon AVR-3310 CI.  When I use the center channel in a 5.1 setting(that is the only way the center channel will engage), I lose the dramatic effect of the stereo speakers.  I want the fullness of the Direct Stereo setting while using the center channel.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thank you in advance.

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Now I am not running a Denon AVR so apples to apples won't apply here.  With my NAD pre-pro/Acurus amps combo the sound in "All Channel Stereo" is nothing short of spectacular.  Very full sound with great imaging and detail.  Did I mention fast and punchy bass?  Assuming your Denon has a similar setting, maybe try boosting the L/R speakers a dB or two.



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It might depend on what you're listening to. If it's 5.1 from your cable or a DVD, some material just doesn't engage the rest of the speakers as much as you think it should. The center channel handles most of the content. Some DVDs or cable movies will have all the speakers playing more. 

Like Bill said, there's probably a setting on your AVR to activate all the speakers at once, on my Yamaha is called 7 channel stereo. If you're listening to music it sounds great,  if you're watching a movie the 7 channel stereo selection doesn't sound as good as the surround sound setting.

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