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Supergate and powergate max release date


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Klipsch Powergate Max

For $ 999, this extremely cool looking, superbly processed device appears. It is a streaming stereo full-amplifier, which is Klipsch Stream-compatible and has a USB-DAC.Only the best is used for the D / A converters. Klipsch uses 192 kHz / 24-bit DACs from ESS. 2 x 180 watts get rid of the proud owner of almost any power supply.Powergate Max is a true multitalent: Bluetooth is on board, you can connect a record player, a TV or a PC. Powergate Max would certainly be a hit in Germany. 


Klipsch Powergate

Powergate comes at 499 EUR and is also an integrated Klipsch Stream Stereo Amplifier. 2 x 100 watts, 192 kHz / 24-bit DACs, Bluetooth. Also suitable for direct connection of record players, TVs, and PCs. 


Klipsch Supergate ($ 399)

Klipsch Stream Controller, which converts any analogue or digital signal for multiroom streaming. Similar to Heos Link and Yamaha WXC-50.

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Yes the 2 models were presented at the CES in Vegas.... So I assume there is nobody from Klipsch in this forum who can help me... Perhaps I will have to buy a concurrent because the actual powergate does not satisfy me...

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I'm assuming that the Powergate Max will see a public release since its miniature doppelganger has already been issued as the Klipsch headphone amp.  I'd love to hear if anybody knows anything further about the Powergate Max though.  I've been mulling over the purchase of a new amp, and the features of that amp compare favorably to most in the price range.  (I'm looking at this thinking it's a viable alternative to a Peachtree Nova 150, but more affordable at $999 vs. $1499)





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