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KLF20 or other X over capacitor upgrade


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My KLF20s have a 1.25 uF cap.   Nobody seems to have this value.  Crites claims to use Sonicaps in his upgrades kits but Sonicap website doesn't list this value.

Paralelling 2 caps to get close to 1.25 seems to be expesinsive.    Do you replace with 1.2 or 1.3 uF?  

There is also a 8mF electrolitic in the woofer circuit.. again hard to find in a "audio grade" cap.  Replace with 8.2? 


thanks guys and gals



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Standard 5% values should be close enough, 1.2µF and 80µF (electrolytic).


Since Parts Express does not have an inexpensive 1.2µF, I would use a 1.0µF with a 0.22µF





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keep in mind, all klipsch caps are +/- 10%

(djk mentioned this for parts express, you can do the same thing for Sonic Craft) 1.125 to 1.375 values will work.  why not just get the 1uf and .22uf? ($6.85 + $7.93 = $14.78)

my only question would be, do you have the room? the most important thing to remember is to "match" the caps on the front 3 speakers.  usually this adds 10% to the cost.  if you are nuts (like me) you match your surround speakers as well!)

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