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lol they look photoshopped....or just paint...

if you look at the reflextion in the tv you dont see the speaker there and the speaker is at a different angle.

Not to be mean or something... :)

I saw that other thread with the same speakers but you put klipsch logos on them... lol

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You are right Stephen328 they are a bit off i just got them home a few days ago.There not even set up yet in the corners.I have a 2x4 at the back tilting them forward,I am in the process of giving them a good cleaning with oil soap,the back is worse then the front,I heard oil soap is the best to use on walnet.These are not very easy to move a round very heavy,and stand about 4 1/2 ft high.If you clowns were here that like to make fun of these it be a different story.

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Coming from a professional 3d computer graphics artist, that is defiantly fake. The obvious giveaway is that the perspective angles dont mach between the Tanny and the TV, and the parts of the room looks painted-in on the top left. Other problems, no shadows and light reflections surrounding the bottom of the speaker.

Heres a good example of fake klipsch speakers. . .


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I don't get it. Why would anyone go through the trouble of superimposing a speaker onto a picture? Sounds goofy to me.

Now faking a photo of me sitting in a jacuzzi with five naked playmates at the playboy mansion might be a different story.

Attached is a photo of me and Jennifer Lopez going to a Hollywood gala. It's real. Hee Hee 12.gif


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