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mr clean

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Spotify is great..... I use it mainly for casual listening, the sound quality is pretty good through my DAC.   Tons of music I would have never discovered.   I use Pandora free version through my BluRay player and thats not bad either through my DAC.   I still listen to FM ,.... and CDs  but the variety and convenience is hard to beat.   

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They also have another program called Fidelify. It's been in BETA for a while tho. I couldn't tell a difference so I uninstalled it. Don't know if it's still active but here's the link and information.



Audiophile streaming

Fidelify uses Spotify Core to deliver streaming content directly to the soundcard, using either ASIO or WASAPI. This enables the user to easily avoid sampling conversion or mixing, ensuring a bit perfect stream.

Fidelify also supports convolution of the audio stream, to allow real time FIR filtering for active crossovers or room correction, and a VST plugin socket to apply third party DSP effects.



Fidelify is currently in beta, which means that a fully functional stable release is not yet ready. Please forward any bug reports to beta@fidelify.net, or post on our new forum!



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