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Thank you for steering me to a center channel speaker


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A few months back I posted that I was not happy with the center channel in my system, I was using a Martin-Logan SLM as my center channel. The SLM is a surface mount and it has short throw drivers and it was hard to balance in the system.   I was not happy with the system. I looked at other center speakers and have always had a preference for Klipsch. I asked on the forum for opinions on the 440 and I was steered to the RP-450C instead.

I found a factory recertified 450C on Amazon for an attractive price and it arrived today.


This is a major improvement over the SLM. I thought a center with a box enclosure would be better and apparently, I was correct. I still have some balancing to do, but I'm liking it.


The System

Yamaha Receiver - RX-A860

R&L Speakers - Klipsch Heresy 1 - total rebuild with all new drivers and X-over

R&L effects/presence - Martin Logan Edge

The system just underwent a major improvement and sounds real sweet in either A/V or music


The Klipsch R:P-450C
juAHLGG.jpgand it was hard to balance in the system



Rebuilt Heresy 1


RP-450C with the M-L Edges


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27 minutes ago, wuzzzer said:



Are you able to move your center forward more so it sits flush with the front of your tv stand?  You should get less sound reflection off the stand that way.


I might try that, but with an 18' ceiling reflections from the center channel don't matter much. I would also think that the port in the back benefits from the wall behind the speaker

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6 hours ago, Frzninvt said:

Why another mis-matched center?  Another Heresy would have been the primary choice a reference center isn't going to match timbre' wise.


So far the system sounds much improved and I'm happy with it.
A 3rd Heresy would have been too big for the area.

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So far I'm liking the difference.

The setup went smoothly. It's so much fun going through the receiver menus looking for the crossover settings etc.

I used an SPL phone app to set the speaker volume level.

And now I'm making minor adjustments in speaker positions

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