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Checklist for a Used Heritage Speaker


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Hey there gents, 


I am new to this particular forum. Im looking to get some used La Scala's off craigslist. I am no stranger to the hobby, but I have only ever purchased a pair of Heresy II's for restoration. 


What are some of the checklist items that someone needs to look for when making an offer for the heritage speakers, in my specific case, the la Scala. Ill start off with some of the basics that I know of e.g. Crites components, serial numbers, finish. etc


Thanks in advance, I would appreciate your expertise!

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Good luck on your impending project. Just keep it simple and make sure all the drivers are making sound and doing so without any scratchiness or rattling. Are the drivers all Klipsch? The mid will be a K-55 and the tweeter will be a K-77. The crossover could be one of several versions (see if it has been molested). The woofer (K-33) will require some digging and the seller may not agree to that. Check whether the cabinet has sat in water or been kicked around.

After that you need to think long a hard about your approach. Are you leaning toward "restoring" or are you "improving" the cabinets. Be very cautious about internet advice regarding "improvements". Certainly spend some time listening to them first.


Good luck, this could be a blast.

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