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Surround(side) speakers?


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I recently purchased two rb-61II and the rc-62II(thank you fry's promo code). I am looking for surrounds now. I was thinking either r-14s speakers whenever they go on sale at fry's, which I've seen them go for around $150-$200. I also have the rs-41II in mind that I can find used somewhere, probably for around the same price as the new r-14s. I would like the bigger surrounds like the rs-52II but due to my mounting location(can't use wall) I have to use stands and those are a bit heavy for the tall stands I have in mind. Any suggestions would be great! thanks!

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1 hour ago, dtr20 said:

If you can get the rs41 II, get it over the r-14s. The r-14s is part of the new reference line, which is significantly lower quality to what you will find with the rs-41 II

That’s kind of what I was thinking. I assumed the  rs41II would match a bit better with what I have. 

1 hour ago, dimanata2007 said:

See if you can find any older WDST speakers like SS-1, RS-25 etc. They are smaller, easier to mount, look less intrusive, but do a much better "surround" job vs regular bookshelf speakers.

I will look into those

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