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W.T.B. - RF7 1st Gen. _ BLACK


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I got a excellent condition RSW-12 last summer to go with my RF-3, RC-3, & RB-5 (surrounds).  I am wanting a larger soundstage and am longing for a set of the original RF-7 and will also get a RC-7.  I just missed a sale from someone in TN cause I was a little slow to respond....still bummed about that.  It was only the second opportunity since late last summer.  They are really hard to come by.  Saw a nice set in NC for sale on an audio forum...but it's too far to drive.  TN was about the max I could do in a day.  Continuing to window shop on CL and other sources....keeping my fingers crossed something will pop up before summer....guess we'll see.

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I found a pair about 5 hours north of me last fall...but was busy that weekend dealing with hurricane Harvey.  I thought it a bit much to try and drive through the storm with my truck loaded down with speakers.....but it was tempting.  :lol:


There is a pair of RF-7 II for sale locally.  I may check them out this weekend.  I have read reviews about the improvement in sound on the next gen.  I guess the 1st gen stuff is just harder to find due to age or original sales numbers.

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