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PRO-250RPW In-Walls vs RP-160M for Front Speakers


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I want to upgrade to the Klipsch Reference Premiere series but space is a problem in my 14 ft wide by 16-1/2 ft long by 8-3/4 ft high room.

The plan is to, over time, upgrade to a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos configuration. 


I was reading that the difference between using the RP-280F vs the RP-160M is a question of low range, which a sub-woofer is better suited to handle (I plan to use the RS-112SW sub-woofers).

So what about using the Klipsch in-walls instead of the bookshelf RP-160M speakers for front speakers?


Also, with the RP-160M's I only have space for 1 subwoofer (hidden inside a credenza). If I use in-wall speakers, then I have floor space for up 2 of the RS-112SW sub-woofers in the front of the room.


Grateful for your feedback on this.


Equipment Plan

Fronts - ???

Center - RP-450CA

Subwoofer - RS-112SW

Side Surrounds - RP-250S

Rear Surrounds - RP-160M

Ceiling - 4 Proficient Audio C850 In-Ceiling Speakers

AVR - Denon AVR-X4400H Receiver



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In wall speakers really limit what you can do in the future with your setup.  Your front main speakers are important, so don't compromise with them.


14 feet wide is a ton of space to work with.  My room is about 10 feet wide and I managed to fit four 15" subs across the front.


Also, I'd reconsider putting your sub inside anything.  Put it out in the open where it can breathe.  Subwoofers can't just be put anywhere in a room, especially if you only have one.  All rooms are different and all have better/worse locations for sub placement.


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Thank you for your feedback.


The reason I'm limited is because I also have a 72" long credenza in the front, which houses all the AV equipment. This only leaves about 4ft on either side of the credenza. Due to the angles that Dolby Atmos requires the front speakers to be pointed, it cannot fit the sub-woofers and meet the Atmos speaker angles, I guess because the room is more closer to a square than a rectangle.


I looked at the specs of each speaker:

PRO-250RPW in-walls:   46-23000 Hz, 75 / 300 watts, 94dB, Crossover N/A

RP-160M bookshelf:       48-25000 Hz, 75 / 300 watts, 93dB, Crossover 1500 Hz


So the 160M's are little "brighter" than the 250RPW's. Would this difference be noticeable?

Power handling is the same.

Sensitivity - 250RPW's slightly more efficient.

Crossover - can't compare because Klipsch doesn't provide it for the in-wall's.


Also they are both Reference Premier speakers.

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They would not be brighter by specs alone.  Horn size and ability to point the tweeters where u need them are very important imo.  In walls look great but as mentioned by wise poster abive u are stuck once installed so be sure before u install if u go that route.  Both can work very well thats why they are both offered.


So in walls look good and sound good but if they point directly ahead in an untreated room may not sound as good as the 160s toed in to the mlp.  But if you have sound treatment or furniture well placed then that difference goes away or lessens.  

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