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2 R-115SW's vs 1 SVS SB-16


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I'm setting up my new HT with 2 RF-7 III's, an RC-64 III, 2 RP-502S and 2 RP-500SA. I am in a dilemma regarding which subwoofer(s) to get. I can get 2 R-115SW's for the same price as an SVS SB-16 and that is my budget. My HT room is approximately 2000 cu.ft. Any inputs would be greatly appreciated. TIA.

PS-On a sidenote, there is only 1 dealer where I live and they don't have the natural cherry or walnut finish speakers. Most of the reviews I have seen feature the Natural Cherry speakers. Could anybody who has seen both finishes please help me decide, thanks.

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The capability of the SVS is better than the r115sw but 2 has benefits over 1 in other ways.  


Could you afford 2 of the svs a step down?  I like deep extension so I would prefer svs here over the klipsch.  But 2 really is key for excellent sound tr throughout the room.  A couple 4000s would fit the bill nicely.


Finish is only an aesthetic but obv important.  Black is most common but cherry looks great as does walnut.  But you will have them for a long time...if you really want cherry ask the dealer about special order or if you are in the states there are plenty of options we can help provide for other dealers who will ship to you free.

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Thanks for the input RoboKlipsch. I am in Bahrain and Klipsch was just introduced in the country by a local dealer (think I am his first customer), that's why I haven't seen the finishes. I have listened to a lot of Klipsch from my days in the US and so this is my long time dream coming true.

Decided to go with the SB-16 and I will hopefully add another one down the line, so did not want to get the 4000's. Getting it delivered this Saturday from Saudi Arabia coz there are no dealers where I am. Things we do for the love of music and movies :)

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I have two R-115 in the front and one R-112 in the rear. I did want (well still do) to upgrade to the PB-15, just $5,000 is way out of my budget. I know they came out with the new PB-4000 which I am contemplating on getting one day. I am running a 9.3.4 Atmos set up, so with that many speakers, one would want to have enough bass to compensate.


As far as color, well with your speakers (which is not normal) they are very high power ultra sensitive (I think 99 or 100?) efficient speakers. And with that kind of speaker you, assuming your running this on a bog screen with a projector?


if so, you will need the flat black as no light will bounce off the speakers. My theater room is a 150" screen and once the lights go out, my speakers all disappear, even though my subs are 2" under the my screen.


BTW the Klipsch subs are ported, so if you want the same punch, you would have to go with SVS PB, not SB which is their sealed. PB is better suited for film, especially for something like Jurassic Park

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On 10/10/2018 at 9:27 PM, MetropolisLakeOutfitters said:

two R-115SW's will run all over a single SB-16 at 20 hz.  SVS is usually more reliable and for music it will be tighter and more accurate though.  Pros and cons of each.  

I want to say what Metro said!!!

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