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Chorus II Tweeter & Mid Only for Center Channel


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System: Chorus II's for left & right channels with Fisher x-1000 (built in center out) in a large room. Don't want a full-size speaker as center (Quartet, Forte II, Chorus II) for several reasons and Academy's are too expensive.  Any drawbacks (besides lack of bass)  to center channel housing only K-79 tweeter, K-61 mid, using Chorus II crossover and not attaching (removing) woofer leads from crossover? Is there need to add resistance between unused crossover woofer leads so speaker impedance is the same as left and right channels?  I have additional horns and Chorus II crossover.

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The crossover point between woofer and midrange in a Chorus II is 600Hz.  If you look up the frequency range of male and female vocals you'll see they all fail below that range.  Since a center speaker's job is to handle vocals and on screen sound effects, in a nutshell it's not a good idea.

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