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Wiring for RF3-II?


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Just got the complete RF3 II package minus the sub. It is mainly for home theatre use. I currently have 14 gauge copper strand cable (biwired) on the system. All pushed by a Denon 2802.

Am I losing anything by not going to shielded wire or other "advanced" cable?

RF3II pair


RS3II pair

Denon 2802

Thanks for the comments

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Kev - The best way to see if bi-wiring does it for you is to try it and listen for yourself.

To bi-wire, remove the jumper straps/wires from the 2 sets of binding posts on your speakers. Then run 2 pairs of speaker wire back to your amp, and connect both reds to the main red post on the receiver, and connect both blacks to the main black post on the receiver. Accordingly, hook one pair to the upper and one pair to the lower binding posts on the speaker, observing red-to-red and black-to-black.


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Thanks for the info, I will definately try that out and see how it sounds.

Though out of curiosity, doesn't that change the impedance? How does that affect the load coming from the amplifier to the other surround speaker? I only ask because the RF3II's and the RC3II's accept Bi-wiring, though the RS3II's do not.



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