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RP-502s - screw to stand ?


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I've got a pair of RP-502S, each on a speaker stand. Now I'm thinking of screwing them to the stand for that extra secure feeling that they won't tip off. The stands have holes in the top-plate so it's possible to insert 2 screws from below. 


But, is that considered good practice ? If so, until how many millimeters is it save to drill a hole for the screw ? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.






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Years ago I used some stands and thought the same thing. I never had any problems with them moving no matter how they were played, as long as they don't get knocked off your good I would guess.


Welcome and have fun. 

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You can't see it on the picture clearly, but there are actually 2 hollow pipes, a big one and a small one. The big one is where the cable runs through. Sand won't be a good idea there because it has a hole in the bottom - for the cable. But I was thinking to fill them with pebbles (small stones). 





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