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Advice on klipsch setup

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Hi guys, my first post here and I'm looking for some advice to help me with which models to choose when putting together my home theatre. my plan is to replace my existing Soundstage speaker setup with Klipsch 5.1 - my budget is about 2500$ and I would like some help with which models to choose. I'll start with the basics -  AVR= Yamaha RXV683 which I believe is rated at 125WPC so should have enough to what I propose, room size is about 15x20.  I am on the fence as to which set of klipsch speakers for my fronts...  I know R28s are super cheap at bestbuy but I would like to use Premieres for my fronts, thinking RP260s (set to low), RP250C centre in combination with R12SW (or a 15" DIY sub kit that I seems to be quite popular here)..  front speaker similar prices in canada are R28 @ 800$, R820 @1000$, RP260 @1100$ or RF82II for 1000$ . 

I'm thinking the RP260, 250C combo would be the best choice, but would like to hear an experienced "Klipscher's" opinion..

Of course I would like 8" woofs but unsure if its recommended to sacrifice the quality of RP260s just to upgrade to a 8" woofer - especially since I will be depending on my sub for most of the bottom end work.    and I am determined to install in ceilings as my rears as I have no space behind my couch for my current 300W towers..  I found a deal at Gibbys on a pair of CDT5800's for $650 so I have ordered those and am looking to build a decent setup with the possibility of installing an additional inceiling set halfway to my TV....  I like to listen a lot of rock, metal, music (by myself) but have 2 kids so mostly we watch movies so I'm basically looking to create a full sound field in the room, as max DB levels might only be hit once or twice a year if I'm lucky. (I'm sure whichever Klipsch setup I end up with will pound my tunes regardless so I'm not too worried about the music part..)


Hoping anyone can help with my decision - thanks in advance.

PS - I realize the models in which I speak of are an older generation but I have read a few times now that the RF6000's are so close to the RP260's that I might as well save a bit of cash and stick with the 260.. again, I am open to feedback


Thanks and happy new year



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Ok. Perhaps my first post was too lengthy..

To summarize:

I am looking for an opinion on which front speakers to buy, here are my budget related options:

R28 @ 800$,

R820 @1000$,

RP260 @1100$

or RF82II for 1000$ .


one of these to be used with rp250 centre and 2 in ceiling cdt5800 (for now)


Ps- I’m not sure what to do with westcoast reply?

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