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Dealing with Cabinet Separation on Heresy II


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Hello All, 

I just wanted to share my experience on dealing with cabinet separation on a pair of Heresy IIs that I had purchased. After purchasing the speakers and getting them home, I had realized that one of the speakers had  seam separation on the top right and lower left sections of the cabinet which I believe was caused by being droped during shipping. Since this was resulting in an unsealed cabinet and the possible loss of some of the low end of the speaker, I decided to see what I could do to correct this and possibly make them more sturdy in the process. 


My first step was to remove the woofer of the speaker and see how these things were built. As you can see by the photo below, these speakers are held together by a small rectangular wooden brace and "squirted" with a fair amount of wood glue to keep the corners together. This piece is what had become slightly detached from the cabinet wall and my focus turned to how best to approach this. After careful consideration, I elected to replace a few of the wood braces with new pieces and use a combination of careful use of screws and strong wood glue to support the cabinet. My hope is that the addition of the screws would be better able to support the cabinet and better hold the integrity of the seal together over time. This was done to the other speaker in order to match any slight variation on acoustics that this could have caused on the one, although I could not tell A/B after doing just the one.




Original Support with glue.jpg

Support After.jpg

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Good job
Most people would have freaked out about that. I’ve seen it many times in the H’2s
I’ve owned maybe 6 sets and each set was not sealed very well. My H’1’s have never had this problem
This weekend I am picking up a set of H2’s in oak, I’ll be sure to check that out

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