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Adhesive showing up between the crease - Klipsch RP6000F


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Hello, I just received a pair of  RP6000F from an authorized online dealer of Klipsch. I unwrapped them and noticed that one of the speaker on one of the towers have some adhesive between the crease of Speaker and the wooden body. I thought it is just residual that i can clean up but its stuck there.


I have attached some pictures to show what I am talking about.


I haven't switched it on because I am afraid of damaging anything if this adhesive is a sign that speaker is not placed correctly or is this just an aesthetic issue.  So not sure what I am suppose to do: Is there a safe way to remove the adhesive? Will it impact the sound quality ? is that just an asthetic issue that I can safely ignore or I should plan on returning the floor stander.


Will appreciate your help on this





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You can always ask the selling dealer what they think should happen. Maybe send them back to them, or just the one speaker with the flaw. The selling dealer might just replace it.


I would plug the speaker in and try it out. I doubt the adhesive/sealer, whatever it is, would impact the performance of the speaker. I would try to gently poke the stuff away with a plastic card or soft brush. 


Was this sold as a "B" stock speaker?

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hey @Ceptorman - It was sold as new speaker. There was no mention of "B" Stock speaker. I will have the rest of system delivered by Tuesday so I will plug it in and will have a listen.


I have already reached out to the seller - I am waiting on their reply. If they take the defected tower back, I will be most happy. Else, I will try to use a soft brush to fix the adhesive issue.


Quite honestly, as long as this is just an aesthetic issue and not a sound quality issue, I am OK with it.


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Welcome to the forum.


27 minutes ago, DevilzSoul said:

Quite honestly, as long as this is just an aesthetic issue and not a sound quality issue, I am OK with it.

It would not hurt to "negotiate" some type of small credit if only cosmetic, which it looks to be.



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