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Custom multi-channel amp thoughts, anyone?


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Has anybody ever put much thought into having a custom solid-state multi-channel home theater amp(s)  built using parts from particular much-loved units that were built in the past to achieve the new build?


I have been thinking about it quite a bit lately!


Here are the basics of MY thoughts on this type of plan for my own particular use:

1.  The first part is actually a decision matrix:


     a.  Build ONE unit with all channels incorporated into the one unit (not my PREFERED method!).


     b.  Build multiple two-channel twin-powered units which can be mixed and matched according to max wattage specs of each unit, to allow for differing speaker types/models in the surround-sound      home-theater environment.  This way, I could have available a variety of possibilities for the multi-channel array of speakers of different types/models, to include the NUMBER of channels used!  This could also be applied for MONO amps for subwoofers involved in the array!  This would be my PREFERED method!


2.  Things to consider:  

     a.  Would doing this REQUIRE gutting old existing units to make the build?


     b. Are all the parts used on the originals still available NIB for use in repairs of the originals...and the build can be done WITHOUT GUTTING ANYTHING?


3.  MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE in old amp sections to be used in the build(s):  No surprise here for those who know me!!😉


     H/K Twin-powered stereo receiver amp sections, to include:  H/K 430 (25 WPC); H/K 630 (30 WPC); H/K 730 (35 WPC); and H/K 930 (45 WPC)!


4.  Speakers to be used:  Klipsch Heritage series models.


5.  Preamp section to be used:  As yet undetermined, but maybe the amps will actually be integrated amps, all of which will be fed by a SINGLE home-theater pre-amp section??


OK...discussion time...LET THE FUN BEGIN!


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On 5/2/2019 at 6:52 PM, Schu said:

I'd buy a five channel nCore Hypex amp... I keep watching the NAD M27, but the value is steadfast. 


If I were retired or had more time at my disposal I'd start a company building custom Hypex amps. Maybe even a four channel with the hypex DSP built in and preconfigured for Jubes.

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